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Anti Fungus Optics

From the eyepiece to the objectives to the interior of the observation tube, comprehensive anti fungus treatments are applied to every area which effects the clarity of the observed images.The Tropicalized treatment ensures image excellence for long periods in conditions favouring to fungus growth

Window in arm section

The specimen can be observed with the naked eye from the back. Also, convenient to observe the specimen while using microscope through natural light by using mirror


Ergonomic Design

All the main operating functions are within easy reach, therby allowing extended observation without fatigue of eye or posture

High Performance Aspheric Lenses

The abbe condenser and the light relay system are fitted with high performance aspheric lenses, which ensure uniform illumination, resultiong in a bright and crisp image.

Illumination system

Built-in illumination through SMPS circuit for constant voltage output to cover input voltage fluctuations from 100volts to 240 volts.This prolongs bulb life and prevents frequent bulb change


Interchangeability of objectives

The high precision objectives can be mounted on the nosepiece in any sequence without affecting their parfocality or centring.

*CH20i is manufacturered under licence from Olympus Corporation, Japan. CH20i is avaialbe for sale in India Only.

item specifications Binocluar Trinocular
• Coaxial coarse/fine knobs: Tension adjustment on the right side
• Fine foxus knob graduated
• Stage movement (XY direction) on rack and pinion
• Quadrupal revolving nosepiece (fixed)
• Plane stage 120 * 132 mm
• With right hand mechanical stage
• Abbe condensor N.A. 1.25 (oil immersion), with aperture iris diapragm
• Blue filter
• Universal power Supply (100V to 240V) for 6V 20W illuminator
• 8cc immersion oil
• Dust cover
• Mirror unit (Plano-concave).
Observation tube Binocular observation tube (inclination 45' interpupilarydistance adjustment range
53-75 mm ), dlopter adjustment on the left

Trinocular observation tube (inclination 45'), diopter on the left

Objectives iNEA Achromat 4X (anty-fungus)
iNEA Achromat 10X (anty-fungus)
iNEA Achromat 40X (anty-fungus) spring
iNEA Achromat 4X (anty-fungus)spring, oil

Eyepiece iCWHK 10X (LB eyepiece 10X), F.N 18mm, (anty-fungus) (X2)

Lamp 6V 20W halogen lamp (x2)

Power Cord