Regional Dealer Meets - Northern, Western & Southern Region in July & Aug'2014

Successfully concluded three Regional Dealer Meets at Pune (Western region), Chennai (Southern region) & Delhi (Northern region) on 19th July, 2nd August and 23rd August, 2014 respectively. The main objective of these meetings was to introduce CX31/41 & SZ61 to our channel. Overall our channel partners were delighted to have exposure to these technologically advanced products from OLT and these meetings have really motivated them to promote these products. The esteemed presence of Mr.Takashi Hattori from Olympus Corporation at Pune & Delhi meet have further motivated our channel partners and reinforced their faith that association with OPSI is going to be more fruitful and challenging in coming years.

Service Training Programmes at OPSI Noida Factory in Aug & Sep’2014

Besides regional dealer meets we have conducted two Service training programmes for our new & existing dealers at OPSI Noida Factory. The training was conducted in two batches (First batch 18-20th August & Second batch 15-17th September), each batch consisting of 10 dealer representatives. This will make our after sales service more prompt and better and also it gives lot of confidence to dealer representatives to handle minor service issues at customer place itself.

Olympus President visits - New Delhi - Feb 18th, 2013

Mr. H. Sasa, President of Olympus Corporation, visited the Head office of 'Olympus Opto Systems’ in New Delhi.









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